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I sometimes make excell based electronics calculators, to make my work easier. You can download them here.

(In reverse chronological order)


QUCS Templates:

Updated PDN Template (v2) 2019-2021

This new version allows PDN impedance simulation and decoupling network design using measured VRM model and simulated PCB power plane model. New: Rogue Waves estimation, and automated PDN design with Optimizer.

Old version of PDN template: Power Integrity Simulation Templates 2008   description with circuit equivalent model for VRM

High-Speed Channel Template 2019

This template allows freq domain „channel simulation” using QUCS, for high-speed serial multi-gig SERDES channels, by chaining S-parameter models and lossy Tlines together.

Delta-L Template

This template allows us to extract a dB/in@f0 or loss per inch data from a set of two VNA measurements. One taken on a short trace and one on a long trace on the same test coupon board. This helps characterizing PCB materials.

Software Tools needed:

  QUCS circuit simulator with S-parameter support (freeware, open source)

  SonnetLite PCB 3D EM Simulator, use for pre-layout plane models (freeware)

  TNT MMTL trace impedance field solver for trace width-vs-impedance computation(freeware)



Excel Calculator Templates:

S-Parameter Smoothie 2021

This template can smooth out the measurement noise in an S-parameter file, providing a smooth curve. Use on 2-port Voltage Regulator models, or board PDN models, obtained from a VNA measurement.

S-parameter Permutations 2023

This template can take an S-parameter file from a PCB layout extractor, and create 4 new S-par files, with impedance and insertion loss variation. This can be used before running a batch SI simulation, that checks all combinations of different boards’ manufacturing tolerances, for interface compliance verification.

PCB Material Library 2007-2016

  A list of available prepreg and core materials with all important properties.

PCB Interconnect Timing Analysis Calculator   2007-2010 

  With this tool, you can determine PCB design rules or  you can check if the already designed system meets the timing requirements, or not. Timing analysis is very recommended for high-speed digital systems. An earlier version is available here.

Characteristic Impedance Calculator, based on Simulated RLGC data    2009

If you want to get an accurate frequency-dependent characteristic impedance of a transmission line, Then you can use a general purpose 2D field solver, like the FEMM to simulate for RLGC parameters. If you have them, you still need to get the impedance, so you can put them together here. This calculator also calculates frequency dependent dielectric constant, and the G parameter from the others.

Dielectric Constant Frequency Compensation Calculator  2009

Most of the PCB trace impedance calculators dont take the signal frequency into account. With this calculator, you can fill this gap, by providing frequency-pre-compensated dielectric constant to them.

PCB Interconnect Loss Budget Calculator  2008

With this calculator, you can make an estimation an the PCB interconnect loss budget for your high-speed serial interconnections, like PCI-express, or SATA.

PCB Propagation speed Compensation Calculator  2007

With this, you can match trace lengths whose are on different layers. However, its recommended to put all your signals what you have to match, ont same structure layers.

DDR Memory bus Trace-Length Calculator    2007

  With this tool, you can calculate trace lengths, adjustments for memory-interface PCB-design

PCB Layer-Stack Planning Calculator (based on IPC equations) v1.0    2007

  With this tool, you can try how your controlled impedance traces will look like on a selected PCB stackup. Kind of obsolete.

PCB permittivity/impedance Frequency-compensation calculator  2007

  If you work with high speed PCB design, with this tool you can calculate or compensate the effect of the Permittivity variation over frequency.

Synchronous systems (SDRAM-DSP) Timing spreadsheet 2006

  With this tool, you can make a timing analysis for an SDRAM memory and embedded processor based system.




Excel calculators from other people: